What a month

Well the last month has been quite exciting for the Recycled Racehorse team, a display at Liskeard show

followed by one for ROR southwest summer camp at Pontispool equestrian centre one week

Then Phillipa and myself took a trip to visit the wonderful people at Godolphin rehoming  and met Caymans and Shubaat.

They were both lovely,  both appeared to be just what we wanted in temperament, Jo at Godolphin rehoming had worked out what we were looking for and found it

Caymans was an absolute joy to ride , Well schooled and absolutely amazing in that he coped well with everything we chucked at him, despite only having one eye

Shubaat was a pleasure to work with, his only problem was being a Ginger he didn’t fit our sludge brown only rule

We turned Caymans blind eye to his colour and a week later they came and joined us

Whilst waiting their arrival Philippa and I popped beyond Exeter again as we were doing displays for 2 days in the equine arena at the game fair at Hatfield house in Hertfordshire.

We had a few last minute hiccups in our transport so ended up only taking weaam, who amazed us with his calm acceptance of it all, his fantastic behaviour in the ring, down to his choreographed bucking routine at the end when all hawks were safely away

Even better still he allowed the pony racing team to jump on board and fly grace from him, 2 minutes after hounds had gone past

Back home from this the two boys arrived from Newmarket and they have astounded us with their steadiness as we’ve gently chucked everything we can at them, working with a one eyed pony has been a real eye opener, Caymans has such an amazing trusting way with him that his training has been on a par with Weaams, and the only one who did better than this was Tommy who took it all so well we gave up training and just did it.

We also had the opening meet of the Dartmoor Falcons, this was Weaams first attempt at real falconry, and his first outing into the real wilds of Dartmoor.

He was an brilliant, luckily as we had Jeremy Hobson out with us writing an article for field sports magazine

We had to cancel our visit to the British Thoroughbred retraining centre due to the winds forecast which was very disappointing to us but a 600 mile round trip to not be able to perform was not going to be worth it, a great disappointment to us.

Next weekend Weaam and Caymans are heading across the border to Stithians for a display at the country fair then our last display from ponies will be Widecombe fair on September 12th, if you’re at either do come and say hello

Published by Martin Whitley

Owner and general dogsbody at Dartmoor Hawking and The Recycled Racehorse Falconry Team

One thought on “What a month

  1. I have only read about your adventures and snippets via twitter but reading this makes me want to see you guys all the more! What a wonderful connection between you and the animals you work with and to give such wonderful creatures a new life!
    I cannot wait to see you all live!


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