We’ve had an interesting couple of weeks, Tommy decided he had an Ouchy foot just before Liskeard show ( we think he was pulling a fast one as he didn’t want to return to Cornwall, having escaped once) so poor Weaam, who was supposed to be seconding him got chucked in at the deep end and amazed us by how well he did, completely unfazed by the show ground, behaved perfectly with the hawks and put in a little Buck on his lap of honour just to show he could

As he did so well , when we only had transport for the ROR southwest summer camp ( the Landie had gone in for emergency surgery) to give him a last try out before the game fair next week

Again we were delighted with him

Tommy in the mean time has come back into work (having been promised no trips across the Tamar 😂) and has been working with a new starlet for the displays

We’re more or less certain no one else has used a barn owl with a racehorse ever

We’re also very aware that the time for serious Falconry is approaching and have been using the team to make new Falcons, a job that uncle Tommy excels at with his fantastic good nature and love of all things avian

” ]Tommy is exceptional in his attitude

We’ve also got the hunting falcons on a hard fitness regime as our opening meet with the Dartmoor Falcons is only  a fortnight away, and both Tommy and Weaam have been used to stoop Falcons from

The whole team is coming together, Hentry is coming back into work,  ​, Nif is Nif ( what more can I say about him 😂) and we’re looking at another new prospect next week

We’re getting excited about the game fair, Phillipa is going to be working there with Phillipa and Weaam with myself, if you’re there do come and say hello

Published by Martin Whitley

Owner and general dogsbody at Dartmoor Hawking and The Recycled Racehorse Falconry Team

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