Our team

The Recycled Racehorse Falconry team are a team of Retrained Racehorses based with Dartmoor Hawking, a private falconry centre on the edge of Dartmoor national park.

Husband and wife team Martin and Philippa Whitley combine a passion for Falconry and Thoroughbreds into a (sometimes) fantastic combination, in the field, in the display ring and for teaching.

Our team consists of 5 ex-racehorses, and our aim is to show how hugely versatile the ex-racehorse can be and to put it to a practical use.


Our displays are fast, fun and informative, explaining how we get the combination of the ultimate predator and the ultimate flight animal to work together as a unified team.

Our falconry from horses days using the recycled racehorse gives clients an opportunity to work with both horse and hawk and get an idea of the complexity of working the two together.


Our Horses are also used with Hunting Falcons and Eagles with the Dartmoor Falcons

This site is about Our horses, our hawks and our work with them


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