At the end of the year

With all the glamour of the summer display season over the hard work for next year has already began

The progress of Caymans and Shubaat has been excellent, as shown in the videos from Godolphin Rehoming



Tommy and Weaam are excelling themselves

Tommy is doing the bulk of our client work as he is so incredibly good natured, and so forgiving when things go wrong, an eagle upside down around his shoulders is taken without batting an eye.

Weaam is winding up to be the main display pony for next season, with the others taking various supporting rolls too him, his complete steadiness to new environments has been amazing, having been dropped very much in the deep end this summer

This year has been fascinating, working with 4 of the best horses I’ve come across, and working with their strengths to bring out their best for Falconry whilst making sure they have as much fun and variation in their life as we’ll

The coming of winter has seen all four out in the hunting field, it’s the best place to educate a horse on keeping its feet, how to keep their heads with lots going on, and how to behave in an all round well mannered way, something they’re all excelling at

We’re plotting ahead for next year and already have a couple of big shows booked in for the display team and in January we’ll be starting work on our new routines, display work being very different to ponies and hawks than the field Falconry they’ve been practicing all winter

We’re really excited, we have the perfect team of ponies now, all an absolute joy to work with, and I’m left feeling so privileged every day, to be able to work with such fantastic horses, someone told me that they thought Thoroughbreds were my mid life crisis, which I’m happy to go with

A huge thank you to everyone who’s helped us with horses, Kim Hayward,(it’s all her fault we’re doing what we’re doing) for Myladtommy, Annette Nally for Weaam, JoBrisland from Godolphin for sending Shubaat and Caymans, Yeomans Haylage for the pony fuel , Clare’s Smith and Mcdonald for keeping the ponies together and the team at Dunscombe forge farriers for putting up with cold coffee and poor lighting

Happy new year to all our followers from the team, Equine, Avian, Canine and myself and Philippa

Published by Martin Whitley

Owner and general dogsbody at Dartmoor Hawking and The Recycled Racehorse Falconry Team

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