The team

We call ourselves a team for a good reason, everyone who works here, Hawks, Hounds, Horses and humans have to work together happily, not just tolerate each other, but to get this takes time, consistency, and (luckily ) a huge amount to fun. Dogs and hawks are easy, the pointing dogs are obsessive hunters, bred […]

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The season

Well the display season is well and truly over, we’ve been very pleased with what we’ve achieved so far, Caymans very much bore the brunt of this, his fantastic nature enabled him to do fast high energy displays in large arenas, but he’d quite happily do a slow demonstration in a small areas, he took […]

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Trust is a three way thing in our line of work, and has to be genuine and absolute, between ourselves, the horses and the hawks we work with them. To try and show this we decided to do something that, as far as we’re aware, no one has done before,and try and work a falcon […]

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The thoroughbred in falconry

I started using horses for Falconry in 2001, by mistake really, I had just set up Dartmoor Hawking, doing Falconry commercially, as a change of life after the death of my first wife, and had got back to my Parents Farm where I kept my horse at the time. I was riding a thoroughbred mare […]

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Some real Falconry

Our displays look amazing, (though we say so ourselves 😁), our teaching days are an amazing experience for the participants, but we never stray far from our roots. I originally started flying Falcons from horses as a means to enhance my Falconry, or more specifically flights at crows using fast Falcons on the moors. The […]

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At the end of the year

With all the glamour of the summer display season over the hard work for next year has already began The progress of Caymans and Shubaat has been excellent, as shown in the videos from Godolphin Rehoming Caymans Shubaat Tommy and Weaam are excelling themselves Tommy is doing the bulk of our client work as he […]

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What a month

Well the last month has been quite exciting for the Recycled Racehorse team, a display at Liskeard show followed by one for ROR southwest summer camp at Pontispool equestrian centre one week Then Phillipa and myself took a trip to visit the wonderful people at Godolphin rehoming  and met Caymans and Shubaat. They were both […]

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We’ve had an interesting couple of weeks, Tommy decided he had an Ouchy foot just before Liskeard show ( we think he was pulling a fast one as he didn’t want to return to Cornwall, having escaped once) so poor Weaam, who was supposed to be seconding him got chucked in at the deep end […]

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Weaam’s Journey

We’ve only ever had One Falconry pony that came here that appeared ready made, and that was Tommy (Myladtommy )…actually he’d never been near a hawk but took to it so instantly that we never had a chance to make him as such it was already in his fantastic personality  So I thought I’d bore […]

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The trail to where we are today

I started using horses for falconry by accident really, I’d just started Dartmoor Hawking, (this was 2001)and was keeping my Hawks and living in a mobile home on a farm near Bovey Tracey, but I kept my horse and was exercising the hawks at Holwell, what was then the family farm near Widecombe in the […]

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