Teaching course

Our falconry from horses days are great fun, and we’re really proud of them, but they are a basic play with horses and hawks session.

After several enquiries we have decided to offer a more formal 5 day teaching course for those with a greater interest, showing how we train the hawks and the horses, and how we merge them into a happy team

It will teach the basics of falconry, equipment, handling, basic training of birds of prey, introducing hawks and horses to each other, practical mounted handling, best practice and what to do when things go wrong

There will be simulated hunting with eagles and Falcons, giving the opportunity to feel how falconry in the field would be

Course is using our birds and horses, we provide all equipment except riding gear and can recommend accommodation to locally

Our next course is 28 March to the 1st of April 2022O with a maximum of 4 participants, course fee is £950, 50% deposit on booking

If you’re interested please contact us direct on admin@recycledracehorse.co.Uk or 07791560948

Published by Martin Whitley

Owner and general dogsbody at Dartmoor Hawking and The Recycled Racehorse Falconry Team

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