The recycled racehorse 

Combining the two arts of Falconry and riding, Using an intrinsically wild animal along with one of our longest domesticated species, the ultimate predator in conjunction with one of the ultimate flight/prey species…..A recipe for disaster  or an amazing combination?wp-1479848326638.jpg

Just to make it more interesting I only use -Recycled racehorses to fly pursuit falcons and eagles


Reasons being they’re fast ,quick on their feet, very important over the varied terrain of Dartmoor, the good ones have an incredibly sane temperament, vital when you have an eagle with a 7′ wingspan leaving straight over your head and on a personal level I just love thoroughbreds, they suit me down to the ground and I would not ride anything else (I was accused of being a horse snob a few days ago,it was  one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me)

It’s one of the great joys of my job, bringing on a new falconry pony as they go from nervous to accepting,to enjoying working with the various falcons and eagles (and in the case of Tommy utter adoration, he loves them and ambles off to see Artemis “his” eagle anytime he has the opportunity)


Working with ex-racers is so rewarding, but it does have its heartbreaks as well,l as both my original thoroughbreds had to be put to sleep as old racing injuries that were beyond repair surfaced, but I look at the fact that both had a fantastic life with me and achieved things that very few horses in the world will ever do


We’re currently working with a team of 5, Myladtommy is the number one pony, an absolute stalwart does everything from teaching to main ring displays

Saint Guru (Ozzy 2) a very personal falconry horse, to sharp for teaching as to much leg at the wrong time can have a dramatic effect on the unwary but great with me, and has done all our recent film work

Our two new additions, Doctor Henry and Weaam are both taking to the hawks really well and we have great plans  for them over the next few months, Henry is the trickiest to work with as he is a bit of a glutton so we’re never sure if he’s noticed that there are hawks in what he does as he’s too busy eying up the next snackimg_1524-1

Henry adopted Philippa very soon after arrival and will do anything for her, Weaam took a big shine to me

Last, but definitely not least is Nif, he gave a wond erful interview to get here, totally unfazed by his first introduction to Charlie and Artemis

But once he’d got his feet under the table here and we’d fallen in love with him he decided hawks were the devils own invention and he wanted nothing more to do with them, he’s our outrider, our flanking pony, and hours of mindless amusement

we have a great team here and will update on everyone’s progress as things develop