horses, falcons, and people working together

We work with former racehorses, and train them to work with our eagles, hawks and falcons.We do displays, and you can even come to learn to fly falcons from horseback!

What we do

Shows and displays

We can do displays of our unique horseback falconry, or stand-alone falconry displays.

Learn with us

You can learn to fly our birds from our specially trained horses

Rehabilitation of racehorses

Our horses all had racing careers, some very successful, some less so, and a large part of what we do is to show the true versatility of the thoroughbred and the way they can adapt to a new job after racing.

“The most incredibly moving day – working with the raw power of these birds was a once-in-a-lifetime experience”

Previous client

We can work with individuals or small groups.

Our falcon experiences are open to all, and if you’re already a confident rider, we can build up to working the birds from horseback.

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About Us

We are passionate about horseback falconry from our idyllic location in the foothills of Dartmoor.

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