The trail to where we are today

I started using horses for falconry by accident really, I’d just started Dartmoor Hawking, (this was 2001)and was keeping my Hawks and living in a mobile home on a farm near Bovey Tracey, but I kept my horse and was exercising the hawks at Holwell, what was then the family farm near Widecombe in theContinue reading “The trail to where we are today”

The versatility of the recycled racehorses 

One of the great things we have found working with the Recycled Racehorse is their versatility, so we now work on the assumption that they will do everything we ask unless proven otherwise. Our first foray into film work was “a couple of hours , nothing strenuous “…..8 hours of filming with an eagle, aContinue reading “The versatility of the recycled racehorses “

The recycled racehorse 

Combining the two arts of Falconry and riding, Using an intrinsically wild animal along with one of our longest domesticated species, the ultimate predator in conjunction with one of the ultimate flight/prey species…..A recipe for disaster  or an amazing combination? Just to make it more interesting I only use -Recycled racehorses to fly pursuit falcons andContinue reading “The recycled racehorse “