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We work with racehorses when they’ve reached the end of their racing career. We train them to work with our eagles, hawks, and falcons, combining the ancient arts of riding and falconry to a way suited to the modern world

Falconry from horseback is like no other experience on the planet.

“The most incredibly moving day – working with the raw power of these birds was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

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At work and play

We are probably more than a bit biased but we think the team are the best examples of the versatility of the well recycled racehorse. Though they have a job with us as professional display and teaching horses we are firm believers that happy horses have a varied life and everything we do with themContinue reading “At work and play”

The team

We call ourselves a team for a good reason, everyone who works here, Hawks, Hounds, Horses and humans have to work together happily, not just tolerate each other, but to get this takes time, consistency, and (luckily ) a huge amount to fun. Dogs and hawks are easy, the pointing dogs are obsessive hunters, bredContinue reading “The team”