The year that never was

The last 12 months has been so hard on everyone, and all have their stories of the problems it has caused.

It’s been 12 months since we did any paid work with the team as the virus has prevented people from coming for much of the time, all our displays last summer were cancelled

As with any business based round animals the work load and costs didn’t change a bit whether we were earning or not, luckily we had a tremendous response to our keep the team together campaign last summer and some fantastic support from various people and business that allowed us to get through to now while keeping hold of everyone, avian and equine, but it has been very dispiriting not knowing when we will be back in full flow.

We are now trying to be optimistic and hoping we only have to find our way through another couple of months before we can start teaching again , and are starting taking bookings for shows

Looking forward to normality returning

Published by Martin Whitley

Owner and general dogsbody at Dartmoor Hawking and The Recycled Racehorse Falconry Team

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