The season

Well the display season is well and truly over, we’ve been very pleased with what we’ve achieved so far, Caymans very much bore the brunt of this, his fantastic nature enabled him to do fast high energy displays in large arenas, but he’d quite happily do a slow demonstration in a small areas, he took everything in his stride and dint put a foot wrong all season

Caymans at Wrerington Park

The wonderful team from Godolphin came down to Wrerington park on a blistering hot day to make a video for their Lifetime care policy, it’s well worth a look, we’re quite proud of it.

The down side to our display side of things has been trying to generate the interest in it, we gave up on the racing industry after getting no reply from any of the racecourses we contacted about what we did, even the ones doing countryside days, and we’ve been unable to generate any interest in the Racehorse retraining world, despite, obviously in our opinion, being one of the best showcases for quite how versatile the thoroughbred can be in the right hands

Weaam at Liskeard Show

We will keep pushing on with the display side for another year and will review whether it is worth trying to keep a display team going then.

Our falconry from horses days on the other hand are going from strength to strength, adapting and developing as we go along.

These are ever evolving as we’re teaching something that we’re making up as it goes along as we find how much we can get out of the horse/hawk combination

Caymans Teaching

As the summer ends we get to the more exciting part of what we do , Falconry in the field

Shubaat, Masters horse with the Dartmoor Falcons

Tommy and Caymans (side saddle) watching as a flight comes over

Shubaat following a flight

The falcons have been flying superbly and we have just bought a male golden eagle specifically to hunt with from the horses

We’re still pushing the boundaries in everything we’re doing here and as the commercial side quietens down for the winter we have play time where we can work on new challenges for the horses and ourselves, things never stand still here 😁

Published by Martin Whitley

Owner and general dogsbody at Dartmoor Hawking and The Recycled Racehorse Falconry Team

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