Some real Falconry

Our displays look amazing, (though we say so ourselves 😁), our teaching days are an amazing experience for the participants, but we never stray far from our roots.

I originally started flying Falcons from horses as a means to enhance my Falconry, or more specifically flights at crows using fast Falcons on the moors.

The horse gave spotting hight, the ability to cover lathe areas of ground, and most importantly the ability to follow watch and stay in contact with a flight that could be covering the more, in a strong downwind flight at maybe 60mph.

What could be better for this than the thoroughbred? Fast, quick on its feet,after acclimatisation a fantastic ability to read the uneven ground of Dartmoor and keep their feet while I’m concentrating on what is happening above.

The first thoroughbred who started it all off was the lovely Toffee (Takethetopoff) back in 2001

It’s very hard to explain how a days mounted Falconry works but the GoPro put together a lovely video of Caymans first day flying Falcons in the field, it was not the best days Falconry and conditions were far from ideal, but this was some of our better riding….

On a good day and the right country the flights take some keeping with and crossing Dartmoor at speed with a purpose has to be one of the most exhilarating riding experiences possible (even if the pony is ginger 😁)

It never ceases to amaze how quickly they adapt to something so different, from the pristine turf of a racecourse to the rocks and bogs of Dartmoor.

They learn very rapidly that the sound of bells ahead means action and will listen for them the way a good hunter listens for hounds, but it’s not all speed and rush, it’s patience as we track down and pick up wayward Falcons or pick one up from a kill

Something Tommy excels at

But Tommy is a veteran, Caymans also realised this when we arrive at the end of an unsuccessful flight a long way ahead of everyone else ( funny that!, I’d not be bighearted enough to claim he’s the fastest horse on Dartmoor but….😁) and had to be abandoned while I Called in a slightly puffed Dawn

The more I see of these horses the more they amaze me, without a doubt Recycled Racehorses are the most versatile horses out there

Published by Martin Whitley

Owner and general dogsbody at Dartmoor Hawking and The Recycled Racehorse Falconry Team

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